April 2021 Lubricants Price Increase

Due to unfortunate market conditions relating to recent weather, logistical challenges, and rising costs of raw materials, oil manufacturers have announced an increase on finished lubricants effective April 12, 2021.

Valley Pacific is here to help you make the most cost-effective decision when it comes to buying lubricants. Contact your local Valley Pacific representative or call 800-266-3782 to help identify cost saving opportunities.


Happy Ag Day!

On this National Agriculture Day Valley Pacific wants to express our gratitude and give recognition to the hard-working California farmers and farmers all over the country. Celebrate the individuals who fuel our lives and communities!

Biodiesel and Feedstocks

Valley Pacific is a proud supporter of biodiesel and the positive impacts it has on sustainability in the US today. Today, biodiesel and renewable diesel are produced from a variety of fats and oils, referred to as feedstocks. Feedstocks come to the industry as both first use products (soybean oil or canola oil) and second use byproducts or wastes (cooking oil, animal fats, and other wastes and residues).

When growing soybeans for meal and oil, a farmer is now producing feed, food, and fuel. Today, farmers are producing more food in the form of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, on less land than ever before. With an increased demand for soybean oil, it begs the question: by turning soybean oil into fuel, are we limiting it as a potential food source?

The simple answer is no. The opposite is true, in fact it helps maintain the domestic demand for soy oil for biodiesel has helped keep soy protein affordable, helping maintain global access to sustainable US soy protein and supporting a more sustainable global animal protein production system.

Click here to read the full article and impact of soybeans on the biodiesel industry today:

Now Hiring for Cardlock Supervisor-Redding, CA

Cardlock Supervisor based in the Redding area. This person represents Valley Pacific to the commercial users at assigned commercial fueling sites. They act in accordance with the company’s code of ethics and mission statement to safely maintain the sites to meet and exceed customer expectations, maintain Valley Pacific’s image, and comply with local, state, and national regulations.

This person will work to maintain sites and equipment in the region. This person will interact with Valley Pacific personnel in operations and sales and will work directly with customers and regulators. They must be professional in dress and demeanor, have good interpersonal skills, remain calm in demanding situations and be highly self-motivated, requiring little supervision or follow up.

Apply here: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=valley%20pacific%20petroleum&l&advn=6160903872493528&vjk=cd742e04c5bccd42

Valley Pacific Announces Involvement in St. Jude Radiothon

Valley Pacific Petroleum Services is proud to announce our involvement in the St. Jude Radiothon in Humboldt County. We are proud to be an Official Presenter sponsor to help raise money toward cancer research for St. Jude’s Hospital.

In the 32 years since this radiothon started, nearly 250 radio stations across the country have raised over 900 million dollars for cancer research. Head over to 92.3 KRED’s website to help us raise funds and awareness for this amazing facility.


Biodiesel Success Story in St. Louis

The use of biodiesel has and is helping thousands of fleets and motorist reduce carbon emissions. B20 is the year-round fuel choice for Lambert St. Louis International airport and has been since 1990. This has resulted in cleaner skies and cost savings in St. Louis.

“The use of biodiesel here has resulted in a cost savings. Because biodiesel has more lubricity, we’ve had a cutdown in the number of times we are cleaning and replacing injectors and fuel injection pumps. It’s great to have American fuel support American jobs and the American economy”- Michael Bernich, Fleet Manager, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

See the success story here: https://www.biodiesel.org/using-biodiesel/success-stories

Petro-Canada’s Hydrex Efficiency Study

Check out Petro-Canada’s research proving how Hydrex Extreme and Hydrex XV improves equipment performance in low temperature extremes, while providing increased responsiveness and reduced power consumption.

No need for seasonal oil changes. No need to worry about putting in the wrong product.

To find out more contact your Valley Pacific Sales Representative or call 800-266-3782