Valley Pacific Petroleum Services Announces Purchase of Cross Petroleum

New Owners Plan to Keep Shasta County’s Leading Fuel & Lubricant Distributor Family-Owned and Locally-Managed

Stockton, California – Valley Pacific Petroleum Services of Stockton, California — a family-owned fuel and lubricant supply company that will celebrate its 74th anniversary this year – has announced the acquisition of Redding-based Cross Petroleum effective 1/1/2021. 

The new owners plan to keep Cross Petroleum a family-owned and locally-managed operation.  With over 300 employees, the newly-combined company will be headquartered in Stockton but will continue to operate Cross Petroleum with local management and a community-focus. 

Cross Petroleum is a third-generation marketer of fuels and lubricants in the northern Sacramento Valley region.  From its inception in 1961, the company has steadily grown its operations to include Redding, Mt. Shasta, Yreka, Chico, Weaverville and the surrounding areas.  Cross Petroleum has been owned and managed by Dennis and Jim Cross since 1971 with their own sons and daughters managing the business for the past several years.  The Cross family has enjoyed widespread success and respect among their customers, employees and the community at large.   

Established in 1947, Valley Pacific is a family-owned company that traces its origins to the end of World War II and the return home of navy combat veteran Durrel Woolsey.  Since 1994, the company has grown throughout the San Joaquin Valley and along California’s northern and central coasts under the guidance and ownership of the Crum family.  Specializing primarily in rural environments, Valley Pacific supplies fuel and lubricants to agricultural, commercial, governmental, industrial and transportation customers, in addition to both branded and unbranded service station dealers.  Importantly, Valley Pacific has won numerous state and national safety awards.  (See

As a family-owned company from a rural part of the state, we realize how important it is to stay engaged with the community,” said Nathan Crum, President and CEO of Valley Pacific. “The Cross team has built a strong foundation of safe, clean, dependable, friendly service in the Sacramento Valley and we intend to keep that tradition alive.  Cross customers should continue to enjoy the high-quality fuels, lubricants and excellent services they’ve come to expect.”

Cross Petroleum’s Jimm Cross stated, “We had extensive dialogue with many potential suitors, but in the end our family felt that Valley Pacific was the best fit to carry the torch forward.  As a family we felt it was important for a successor to understand our customers and the communities we serve, and we wanted a great fit for our employees as well.  So, with all of that in mind we determined that Valley Pacific and the Crum family were ideally suited to move the company forward.  They bring experience, resources and know-how to our operations that will continue the vision we have for serving the fuel and lubrication needs of our community.  We want the very best for the people of this region to whom we owe so much.”

Cross Petroleum’s facilities in Redding, Chico, Mt. Shasta, Weaverville and Yreka will now be added to Valley Pacific’s 15 office/warehouses which extend from Eureka to Santa Maria along the coast and from Redding to Bakersfield in the Central Valley. 

Petro-Canada’s Sentron CG 40

“We are delighted that SENTRON™ CG 40 has been approved by INNIO JENBACHER as the first and only medium-ash oil approved for Jenbacher Type 4B and 4C engines running on several classes of biogas. SENTRON CG 40 ensures premium engine performance by delivering excellent deposit control, wear protection, engine cleanliness and superb protection against acids.” -Petro-Canada

Call (800) 266-3782 to learn more about Sentron CG 40 and other Petro-Canada products.

Weekly Safety Post-Vehicle Size Differences

As more people get on the road for the holidays, remember that size is important when it comes to traffic safety. Tailgating between two passenger vehicles may result in a minor crash but a crash between a passenger vehicle and a large truck or a bus may have greater consequences.

Driving a truck or bus has a unique set of safety challenges and are something that other road users should be aware of. While driving this holiday season be aware that:

  • Trucks are often 20 to 30 times heavier than passenger vehicles.
  • The huge mass of a truck or bus increases the risk of more severe crash damage, injuries and fatalities.
  • Large size and weight increases driving challenges, including acceleration, braking and handling (maneuverability).
  • Trucks and buses accelerate more slowly uphill and may gain speed quickly downhill.

We wish you safe driving this holiday season!

Eureka Truckers Parade

We had so much fun sponsoring and participating in the Eureka Truckers parade on Saturday. Thank you to all who participated and came out to see the trucks lit up. This parade would not have been possible without the help of countless volunteers from the California Highway Patrol, City of Eureka, and the Redwood Acres Fair and other sponsors.

Happy Holidays!