How Biodiesel Is Shaping Tomorrow

Valley Pacific is proud to be featured on ABC10 showing how biodiesel is shaping tomorrow. Biodiesel is a crucial part in sustainability and improving air quality.

Crimson Renewable Energy collects used cooking oil from restaurants and venues around California to refine and refuel the state by turning it into biodiesel. Crimson’s production of biodiesel is like planting 8.2 million trees or taking 108,000 cars off the road. The use of biodiesel is leading to cleaner tailpipe emissions which decreases particulate matter emissions which in turn improves air quality.

Valley Pacific is a proud supporter of biodiesel to help shape our tomorrow.

See how biodiesel is helping you and watch the whole story here:

Valley Pacific a Proud Member of the Clean Fuels Alliance

Valley Pacific is proud to be part of the Clean Fuels Alliance. With Industry-leading programs and initiatives, Clean Fuels Alliance America is actively moving the fuel industry upwards toward a greener and brighter future.

Clean Fuels receives funding from a broad mix of private companies and associations, including the United Soybean Board, Nebraska Soybean Board and other state checkoff organizations.