Now Hiring for Cardlock Supervisor-Redding, CA

Cardlock Supervisor based in the Redding area. This person represents Valley Pacific to the commercial users at assigned commercial fueling sites. They act in accordance with the company’s code of ethics and mission statement to safely maintain the sites to meet and exceed customer expectations, maintain Valley Pacific’s image, and comply with local, state, and national regulations.

This person will work to maintain sites and equipment in the region. This person will interact with Valley Pacific personnel in operations and sales and will work directly with customers and regulators. They must be professional in dress and demeanor, have good interpersonal skills, remain calm in demanding situations and be highly self-motivated, requiring little supervision or follow up.

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Valley Pacific Announces Involvement in St. Jude Radiothon

Valley Pacific Petroleum Services is proud to announce our involvement in the St. Jude Radiothon in Humboldt County. We are proud to be an Official Presenter sponsor to help raise money toward cancer research for St. Jude’s Hospital.

In the 32 years since this radiothon started, nearly 250 radio stations across the country have raised over 900 million dollars for cancer research. Head over to 92.3 KRED’s website to help us raise funds and awareness for this amazing facility.

Biodiesel Success Story in St. Louis

The use of biodiesel has and is helping thousands of fleets and motorist reduce carbon emissions. B20 is the year-round fuel choice for Lambert St. Louis International airport and has been since 1990. This has resulted in cleaner skies and cost savings in St. Louis.

“The use of biodiesel here has resulted in a cost savings. Because biodiesel has more lubricity, we’ve had a cutdown in the number of times we are cleaning and replacing injectors and fuel injection pumps. It’s great to have American fuel support American jobs and the American economy”- Michael Bernich, Fleet Manager, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

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Petro-Canada’s Hydrex Efficiency Study

Check out Petro-Canada’s research proving how Hydrex Extreme and Hydrex XV improves equipment performance in low temperature extremes, while providing increased responsiveness and reduced power consumption.

No need for seasonal oil changes. No need to worry about putting in the wrong product.

To find out more contact your Valley Pacific Sales Representative or call 800-266-3782

Weekly Safety Post-Vehicle Maintenance

This week’s safety post comes from Petro-Canada and is a helpful reminder to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and service appointments.

“This year, make it a goal to stay on top of your car’s maintenance schedule and service appointments. Regular service improves fuel efficiency, helps you stay safe and maintains your vehicle’s value. How often do you get your car serviced?”

Valley Pacific named Eureka Chamber of Commerce’s “Business of the Day”

We are so honored and excited to be featured as Eureka Chamber of Commerce’s “Business of the Day.”

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Weekly Safety Post-Driving Around Large Trucks

Large trucks and buses have large blind spots, long stopping distances, and limited maneuverability. Simple actions can help you avoid causing or experiencing problems around trucks and buses.

  1. Pass safely
  2. Never drive under the influence
  3. Don’t cut it close
  4. Don’t drive fatigued
  5. Buckle up always
  6. Stay back
  7. Be patient
  8. Stay out of blind spots
  9. Anticipate wide turns
  10. Stay focused

Better Breathing with B20

One easy choice that can help everyone breathe easier is supporting clean-burning biodiesel. Rather than depending heavily on foreign petroleum supplies, domestic energy combats trade deficits, fuel supply disruptions and unexpected price changes. Biodiesel provides energy security and enhanced engine operation and safety factors.

According to the US EPA, pure biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon dioxide by 57-86 percent. Not only does biodiesel reduce carbon emissions but can also provide health benefits.

Bailey Arnold, senior manager of clean air initiatives with the ALA explains that “pure biodiesel was found to be non-toxic and biodegradable, posing no threat to human health.”

The Village of Carol Stream, Ill., converted its municipal fleet of 44 vehicles to clean-burning B20 in 2019, partly because of the health and environmental advantages of biodiesel.

Village leaders worked with the B20 Club, ALA and Pete Probst of Indigenous Energy to clean and prepare their fuel tanks, incorporate B20 into new fueling infrastructure and equip village vehicles to run on high blends.

“Through this transition to B20, we will prevent the release of almost 25 tons of carbon dioxide annually, which is the same as planting 374 trees,” says Sam Barghi, public works management analyst for the Village of Carol Stream, a Chicago suburb of 40,000 in DuPage County. “It is important to us to be good stewards of the environment while not be impacting service levels for our residents in a negative way. It’s also important to provide a cleaner and safer work environment for our employees who work in and around these vehicles all day.”

To find out more about biodiesel call 1-800-266-3782.

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