76 Logo

The image 76 exudes a timeless elegance, with its crisp lines and pleasing aesthetics, making it highly appealing to the viewer. It is a brand recognized for providing quality gasoline and products to a car-conscious audience. Join Valley Pacific in providing your customers with one of the most loved brands along America’s favorite highways. Drive safe. Drive smart. Drive savvy.


76 Brand Advantage

  • 76 fuel is recognized as TOP TIER, containing higher levels of detergent additives that ensure peak engine performance, leaving your customers feeling confident in their fuel purchases.
  • Consumer Credit Card & Business Card Offerings give your customers flexibility. Personal cards offer pay-at-the-pump convenience with no annual fee. The Commercial Card allows customers to take control of their business and increase productivity with fuel management options.
  • Loyalty programs such as the KickBack card offer points to spend like cash on TOP TIER fuel and convenience store items.
  • The new Station Finder allows drivers to filter 76 stations for car washes, convenience stores, promotions, and more.
  • Powerful advertising campaigns go a long way when customers are deciding where to purchase their fuel. 76 has unique campaigns and year-long advertising calendars.