Valley Pacific Celebrates 75th Year

Valley Pacific is proud to reach our 75th year in business! Tracing its roots back to 1947, Valley Pacific successfully operates over 100 fuel and lube delivery trucks, and employs over 300 individuals.

Being family owned and locally managed has allowed us to be a part of the communities we operate in and focus on being a great place to work these past years.

Thank you to our loyal customers and amazing team members who have and continue to make this company possible. We promise to stay committed to serving our loyal customers and amazing employees for the next 75 years.

Stay Safe While Driving

Large trucks and buses face unique safety challenges like blind spots, wide turns, and long stopping distances. It’s important for drivers to be aware of these challenges at all times while driving. Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone on the road. Stay safe and share the road safely.

Valley Pacific Partners with Optimus for Biodiesel Pilot Program

Valley Pacific is proud to have our fleet of vehicles a part of the pilot program with Optimus running 100% biodiesel to reduce carbon emissions in California.

“Optimus is partnering to deploy the first Vector Systems in California with Valley Pacific Petroleum, a family-owned fuel distributor that has been fueling California since 1947. Valley Pacific embraces the advances that B100 and Optimus Technologies unlock for sustainable, responsible heavy-duty fleet operations.”

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How Biodiesel Is Shaping Tomorrow

Valley Pacific is proud to be featured on ABC10 showing how biodiesel is shaping tomorrow. Biodiesel is a crucial part in sustainability and improving air quality.

Crimson Renewable Energy collects used cooking oil from restaurants and venues around California to refine and refuel the state by turning it into biodiesel. Crimson’s production of biodiesel is like planting 8.2 million trees or taking 108,000 cars off the road. The use of biodiesel is leading to cleaner tailpipe emissions which decreases particulate matter emissions which in turn improves air quality.

Valley Pacific is a proud supporter of biodiesel to help shape our tomorrow.

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