Rail terminals can serve as a vital link in a supply chain.  While rail transportation is often quite efficient and safe for moving bulk commodities, most locations are not equipped with direct rail service.  Rail-to-truck transloading brings access to long-haul shipments to your local market. 


Valley Pacific currently serves the Redding, Fresno, and Visalia areas with transloading services.  We have experience transloading the following products:  renewable diesel, biodiesel, lubricants, DEF, peat moss, sheet rock, steel coils, lumber, pallets, steel beams, and more.  Our Redding facility is on the main Union Pacific line, our Fresno Yard is on the BNSF line, and our Visalia facility is on the San Joaquin Valley line.


Our energetic staff is equipped to solve the constant logistics issues that arise with rail transport, so you don’t have to.  Our objective is to turn around railcars as quickly as possible, so you can receive/deliver product quickly, turn around your railcars efficiently, and avoid demurrage charges.