Valley Pacific has sold tens of millions of gallons of alternative fuels since 2015.  Combining advanced technology with the environmental benefits of biomass-based fuels, these resources will be a reliable and sustainable part of fueling our energy future.  Valley Pacific offers fuels in various blends to meet your needs.


  • Biodiesel B20.  Consists of 80% Diesel #2 (petroleum-based) and only 20% biodiesel (biomass-based diesel).  Approved by major OEM’s.  Reliable and tested.  Clean-burning.
  • Renewable Diesel.  Isn’t just diesel. Advanced hydrocarbon diesel that meets the same ASTM-D975 specification as petroleum diesel.
  • R80B20.  Consists of 80% renewable diesel and 20% biodiesel; this “super fuel” is 100% renewable and combines the best of biomass-based diesels with the added lubricity of biodiesel.